street style

Sidsel Nia Bech Anderson
Job title: Outreach assistant (Kazzum)
Outfit: Vintage top from Paris, jeans from Denmark, boots from a vintage shop in east London
äelska: Black rosette necklace
Sarah Emilie
Job title: Bar tender and student in music culture
Outfit: Jacket from Topshop, jumper from Bricklane Religion, Levi jeans, shoes are from a man on the street
äelska: Sequined neckpiece (her necklace underneath)

Halla and Erna 
Job title: Students
Outfits: (Halla) Adidas shoes, the rest is second hand (Erna) boots are B-Store, Lee shirt, her own scarf, H&M sweater
äelska: Laser cut lace neckpiece and sequined black giant neckpiece

Emma Bradley
Job title: Merchandiser at Wallis
Outfit: Coat from Wallis 1923 heritage, jumper from Topshop, boots are River Island
äelska: Yellow rosette necklace
Amy Reld and Hayley Taylor
Job: (Hayley) Fashion designer
Outfits: (Amy) Coat from New Look, shoes from Topshop (Hayley) Bag is Alexander Wang, jacket from Topshop
äelska: Pink rosette necklace

Photography by Hannah Brabon